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Every tradeshow is different and clients have different needs. We recognize that we must think outside the box to bring creative and impactful solutions to the trade show industry. Our ability to adjust to changing environments and become a strategic partner to our clients is what sets us apart.


Technology is one of the fastest growing expenses of a tradeshow. Make sure your marketing dollars are being maximized by working with a solutions company not just a rental company.

Meetings and Events

Media Solutions understands that our roll at a meeting or conference is about making our clients look good. Technology is an important part of any event and taking precautions like equipment redundancy and rehearsals provides a turnkey operation to ensure your events success. We become part of your team to make sure that what we deliver is beyond your expectations.


Our dedicated team is involved in extensive preplanning, collaborating with the location, and production teams. Room layout diagrams, walk throughs and state of the art equipment and resources all become important cost control measures that are standard procedure for a successful event.


Chicago union labor services

We hear from many people that doing a event in Chicago is such a hassle because of all the union jurisdictions.  If you do not know the rules this may be the case, however with over 25 years in the industry we have continually worked with the unions and have a great working relationship with them.  During pre-meeting sessions we will go over all requirements with you and make sure when you get on site you will have a skilled crew ready to make your event as smooth as possible from a labor perspective.

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